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Travelling Animal Shows and Petting Zoos

We provide travelling Educational Exotic Animal Shows that are hands on and fun for all ages.  We have over 20 zoo animals to choose from for your next Exotic Animal Show, you can pick who you would like to meet at your next special event or party.  Our shows are great for School Programs, Birthday Parties, Special Events, Scout Programs, Senior Living Programs, Park Districts, Libraries, Summer Camps, and More!!  We also provide travelling Petting Zoos with some of your favorite Farm Animals, Exotic Animals, or Cute and Fuzzy animals that kids or adults can get up close and pet.  We travel all across Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, Northwest Indiana, and Iowa.  Email us today to find out more or go to book now if your ready to reserve your Animal Show or Petting Zoo

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Our staff have over 15 years of animal experience, and love sharing our animals with you and teaching you about them!  We have a variety of different programs to fit your event and we travel year round with our Animal Presentations and Petting Zoos.  We are very hands on and interactive to make for an unforgettable animal experience!


Exotic Animal Shows

Petting Zoos

We offer several different varieties of Petting Zoos to fit your event or party.  We have Mini Petting Zoos, Medium Petting Zoos, Cute & Fuzzy Petting Zoos, and coming soon this Summer is Exotic Petting Zoos.  All petting zoos are set up so that your guests can come and go inside with the animals and get an up close experience.  Cute and Fuzzy petting zoos can be done inside houses all year round, even for winter birthday parties!

We offer hands on fun but educational exotic animal shows for any event including Birthday parties, School Assemblies, Summer Camps, Libraries, Cub Scouts, Park Districts and more!  We can do any size audience, indoors or outdoors, and we do shows all year round.  We have over 20 animals to choose from, everything from Foxes and Skunks, to Parrots and Reptiles.  We let you pick who you want at your event!

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We are located in Poplar Grove but we travel all across Illinois and Chicagoland area, Wisconsin, Northwest Indiana, and Eastern Iowa.  Some of the major cities we travel to are Chicago, Rockford, Milwaukee, Madison, and everything in between.

Send us an email at  theanimalexp@gmail.com

 Call us directly at 815-914-9638